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Premium Economy Flights

Emirates Premium Economy.jpg

Premium Economy Inclusions

· Large pillows and soft blankets, designed explicitly for premium economy.

· A reusable amenity kit.

· Charging ports.

· Placement in front of the aircraft.

· Better meals

· Fancier cocktails,

· Upgraded amenities such as dedicated check-in and access to more storage space.

· Wider, cream leather seats and enjoy extra room to stretch out on raised cushioned leg rests

Outbound Flights

Emirates  #212   

7:10 PM to 7:45 PM 02DEC23 IAH  to  DXB

NEXT DAY ARRIVAL (December 3, 2023)


Return Flights

Emirates  #211  

9:45 AM to 4:20 PM 08DEC23 DXB  to  IAH

Premium Economy Total cost: $3,196 per person

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