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Gabrielle Profit

CEO/Chief of Operations

Gabrielle is an Army Veteran and mother of one beautiful daughter. She has been curating and arranging travels for over 13 years. With a love for cooking and bringing people together, she is a frequent traveler with an outgoing personality and has a passion in travel to explore and learn about new cultures all while sharing this passion with others.

Pic _Trina Head Shot.jpg

Katrina Craft Trifilo

CEO/Chief Marketing Officer

Katrina has never met a stranger. She has an extensive career in the hospitality industry which has fueled her passion for travel and meeting new people.  Traveling is her self-care regime; it brings her peace and clarity.  She finds joy in creating unforgettable travel experiences for others. When she is not traveling the world she enjoys spending quality time with family creating sweet memories or reveling in a good social hour with friends.

Andrea White Headshot.jpg

Andrea White

Travel Consultant

Andrea is a native Houstonian with over 15 years of experience in planning and arranging travel services. For Andrea, travel takes her out of  her comfort zone and  inspires her to see , taste, try new things, and experience new cultures.  She loves assisting others with making wonderful memories.

Courtney DeVille Headshot.jpeg

Courtney DeVille

Executive Administrative Assistant

Courtney is a results-oriented professional with over 13 years of experience in customer service, sales, business management, and executive administration. She specializes in creating data-driven, audience-focused initiatives. She believes that travel is essential in shaping human life, given that we can easily be limited to the extent of what our surroundings offer. Courtney lives by the motto that travel gives unlimited opportunities for development as far as we can take ourselves.

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